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Frequently Asked Question!

The advantage of NetZeroBAU is that the Learning Management System Tracks, records and reports all your CPD credits in one central location. In doing so it removes the arduous task of collating your annual CPD

The platform is on an annual subscription but is billed monthly. See the subscriptions page for more information.

Upgrading can be done through the NetZeroBAU website.

You can purchase additional mentoring sessions. If you wish to do so please email for further details.

NetZeroBAU can be used on all devices including Mac and Windows platforms.

NetZeroBAU uses stripe for its payment methods. Please go to for more information on how it works.

Depending on your habitual geo location you shall be billed in the currency of that country.

If you wish to avail of a corporate rate please email There is a minimum of 10 people to avail of this offer.

Yes you can but the current subscription you have shall run until its termination date 1 year since you first subscribed.

Currently there is no app but is scheduled for release later in the year.

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